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If facing a global pandemic was not enough for one year, November sees the protracted outcome of the US presidential elections, Brexit deadline looming closer and many parts of Europe re-entering lockdown or having travel restrictions imposed upon them. As a country as a whole Portugal is still battling Covid, however here in the Algarve life is continuing as normally as possible. Apart form the area of São Brás the levels of infection in the Algarve are low and life goes on - with the addition of masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing.
Being here in the Algarve, living and working in Portugal, normality is certainly on its way. Over the past few weeks shops, hairdressers, businesses and restaurants have started to open their doors. Soon, almost all commercial entities will be up and running - albeit with certain distancing restrictions still in play - so it seems  obvious that the next door to open is that to tourists.
In relation to the Covid-19 pandemic Portugal has reacted incredibly well. The Algarve has been one of the areas of the country where there have been hardly any cases and the country as a whole has not, thankfully, seen anywhere near the numbers of deaths experienced by our Iberian neighbour and other European countries.
Hi I'm Ruth - I set up Portugal Property Hub 8 months ago, to lead and develop a team of experts in the property field. In our first quarter of 2020 we had many positive results. It was very successful and we helped many clients find their dream home in the sun. The business was growing and all the team were hitting their targets and achieving their goals.Then Covid-19 hit.
How are we all doing now we are into what feels like day 1,455 of lockdown?!A question which I have been asking myself recently is what will the future look like post Covid-19. I hadn’t really considered if this would change the evolution of property, until now...
Planning for your post virus purchase was not a title I thought I would have to write about, but here it is! When normal life resumes, and it will :) you’ll want to be in the position to be ready to go to purchase your home in the sun. Why not use this time to think about all the do’s and don’ts about purchasing a property abroad?

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