Money often costs too much

We’ll just use our bank

Interestingly, one part of the purchasing or selling process which gets left until the end, or sometimes doesn’t even come into play at all, is how to transfer money into euros when buying, or out of euros when selling. 

Everything changes

Currency exchange is something that should be considered early on in the process. Exchange rates are the great unknowns when buying property abroad. 

What are the options?

What many people don’t realise is that there are many options in terms of getting the best out of your money. Currency specialists understand that buyers all have different financial needs and that’s why they offer a number of different services.

What’s the process?

We sometimes wonder how buying property abroad was done before the advent of the internet and the same is said for transferring money. Today, with the click of a button your money can be changed into pretty much whatever currency you wish, but how do we reach that point?

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