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The Golden Visa program is an incentive which was introduced by the Portuguese government in October 2012 aiming to attract foreign investment. Since its inception it has proven to be the most popular fast track scheme in Europe for non-EU citizens to gain a European residency.

The benefits

Real estate requirements

Documents needed

Documents to be obtained in your country of origin:

Documents to be obtained in Portugal (your lawyer will be able to assist with this):

The procedure

Immigration service costs

Process Analysis (biometrics) Investor: €527.60
Family member: €82.30
Issue of Golden Visa card €5,274.40 per person
Renewal, years 1 and 3 €2,637.20 per person

Costs at the time of purchase

Notary €1,200
Public registry €350
Property transfer tax (IMT) 5% - 6.5% depending on purchase
Stamp duty 0.8%
Municipal tax (IMI) 0.3% - 0.45% *Paid yearly
Income tax on rental 28%

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