Moving to another country can lengthen your life

Settling in 

Many of us at Portugal Property Hub are expats. We have been in your shoes when making the move to Portugal - although when most of us moved over here there were not as many real estate agents in Portugal as there are today and we ended up learning the hard way of how moving to another country can be a stressful and sometimes lonely experience to start with. We remember that slightly scared feeling that accompanies you when you drive up to your new property and set foot in it as its new owner. We all remember thinking, we’ve made it - now what? Who do I speak to? Who can I speak to as I haven’t quite yet masted Portuguese? How do I sort everything out? What do I sort out first and where do I go to sort it out?!

Cost of living 

One of the most appealing aspects to spending time in Portugal is its affordability. Whether it’s buying a coffee, a beer or a prato do día (menu of the day) you’ll find that day to day living is cheaper than most European counties.

Climate & Seasonality 

Portugal’s climate is similar to that of Spain’s. Generally the temperature is warm but the winter months are notably wetter and cooler.

Food & Language 

When you think of food or fine dining, Portugal and its cuisine probably doesn’t spring to mind. French or Italian cooking or the delights of Asian gastronomy normally steal the headlines. However Portuguese food is not to be sniffed at.


Various studies have shown that people who emigrate or retire to new countries live longer, richer, healthier lives. Even those who just buy a holiday home can benefit from warmer weather abroad, a healthier diet and a more adventurous outlook on life. Even if you don’t actually live longer, it has long been established that filling your life with new experiences, locations, tastes, aromas and interesting new people slows down time and helps you enjoy life to the full and hold off the ageing process. The Portuguese themselves live long lives, averaging 81 years. 

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