Selling your main residence in Portugal?

Eliminate some or all of the Capital Gains Tax!

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save tax to boost your savings by up to 15%

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If you are retired or over 65 and selling your principle private residence you may be eligible for significant tax breaks from the Portuguese Government

It is possible to mitigate the Capital Gains Tax whilst also receiving significant tax breaks on any income you take from the surplus funds released.

But only if it is structured correctly – in compliance with Portuguese tax law

Discover the benefits

The Benefits to You

  • Save Capital Gains Tax (CGT) due on the property sale
  • CGT saved could boost your savings by ~15%
  • Significantly increase tax efficient retirement income
  • Tax efficient income, net tax effect circa 1.98%
  • No Portuguese Stamp Duty (IHT) on death
  • Income and Investment allows multi-currency approach
  • Enjoy tax efficient capital growth
  • Provided by a trusted world leading A rated Fitch company
  • Fair and transparent charges
  • No charges to change investment structure or withdraw
  • Product is fully portable back to the UK if required
  • Bespoke solutions built around your objectives
  • Solutions designed around UK Standards by UK expat advisors and tax experts
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A penny saved,
is a penny earned
— Benjamin Franklin

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