How do you buy a property in Portugal?

We won’t let you down

Buying a property is one of the most exciting, exhilarating and important processes that you may go through. At Portugal Property Hub we are here to make sure that this process is perfect in every way - financially, practically and emotionally.

Experts every step of the way

Unlike traditional real estate agents we do things slightly differently. At each stage of your purchase process you will be working with experts in their chosen area as we have split the traditional role of a sales person into three, defined positions: Property Advisors, Property Listers and Property Consultants. 

Working behind the scenes

During the time you spend with our property advisor we will have created your property wish list together. We may have ear marked some of the properties we have online as ones which you would like to see when you are in the country, but no agency can claim to have all of the best properties for each and every client, we certainly don’t - this is where our property listers come in.

Come and see us

We have now answered all your questions, created a wish list and are busy finding options for you to view, the next step? Onto a plane - come and see us!

Reserving your property

Once we have negotiated the right price we will ask you to place a €6,000 reservation fee into your lawyers client account. This is a non-binding, 100% refundable fee, but it shows your intent to purchase the property to the vendor.

Promissory Contract

As well as undertaking the due diligence on the property to make sure that you buy a property free from any problems or liabilities, in preparation for signing the Promissory contract your lawyer will also obtain a Portuguese tax number and open a Portuguese bank account for you.


Upon completion, the Public Deed (escritura) will be signed in front of a Portuguese notary usually one or two months after signing the Promissory Contract. Completion involves the signing of the deed of sale, transferring legal ownership of the property, payment of the balance of the purchase price, plus other payments such as notary fees.

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